Momentum Motorsport Videos

Russell Dea – Fiat X19 K20 powered – Eden valley Hill Climb 2015

 Rob Nguyen – Mighty Mouse 101 (2014) N/A Honda K20 WTAC lap record

  Rob Nguyen – Mighty Mouse 101 (2015) WTACH Supercharged  K24/K20

 0118 Racing -K24 N/A (375bhp) 10.8sec  ¼ mile

Momentum Motorsport by Quaife QKE8J Honda K20 sequential Gearbox.

Customer testing his new Momentum Motorsport Quaife QKE8J at the Nürburgring.

Lotus Elise RR K20 Rotrex Supercharged - T.O.T.B XII Handling Circuit.

Andrew throwing the Momentum Elise RR around the handling circuit at Ten of The Best XII.

Supercharged Lotus Elise - T.O.T.B Drag Montage

A quick montage of some of the drag racing from T.O.T.B XII

Momentum Motorsport by Quaife QKE6U EVO Sequential Gearbox Test .

Testing the first production Momentum Motorsport QKE6U 'bolt in' sequential gearbox by Quaife.

Andrew Gallagher – Fiesta EVO McRae Challenge 2015


 Kenny Wylie – Momentum Motorsport EVO Cairncastle Hill Climb 2014


Kenny Wylie – Momentum Motorsport EVO Mondello Time Attack 2015


Chris Doherty Scirocco ScirEvo First Shakedown

Chris Doherty taking his Scirocco for its first Shakedown

Supercar Sunday '13 - The Happy Faces ( R35 GTR Powerslides ).

A little compilation of some of the funnier reactions our R35 GTR produced at Supercar Sunday '13.

Stage 4 R35 GTR Drag Racing - 21 09 13 Bishopscourt

We took our Litchfield Stage 4 R35 to Bishopscourt this past weekend for some 1/4 mile fun!

Ken TOTB Handling

Kenny setting a fast lap of 44.50 seconds around the T.O.T.B XII handling circuit leaving him second in class

Supercar Sunday - The Reactions

Some of our more animated passengers from Supercar Sunday 2012, hope you all enjoy!